Level 3 Water Restrictions

10 December 2019

Level 3 Water Restrictions - Post Image


At the recent Council meeting held on the 5th December 2019 the following recommendation to the current level 3 water restrictions were made;

That level 3 water restrictions remain the same with watering to remain from 6am to 9am only, in accordance with the odds and even scheme. This allows for more reliable water pressure of a morning to cope with the quantity of users. Council will be monitoring users to ensure compliance with these restrictions are followed.

These water restrictions will be reviewed again in January 2020. 

Residents not complying with the current level 3 water restrictions will firstly be given a verbal warning, followed by written and if then found to still not comply may be issued with a penalty.  

Business houses will be required to advise of their water management usage patterns if they are unable to comply with the above restrictions.

Warren Shire Council will continue to water recreational areas after 9pm as to not interfere with current residential watering times and to give sufficient time for the river water reservoirs to recharge. If current weather patterns continue to worsen Council will reassess its water usage plan.

Council does acknowledge that the water restrictions are an inconvenience for residents, but request that everyone complies with the restrictions to assist with the longevity of water within the shire, and to allow for water availability for essential services.

Should you have any concerns regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact Council on 68 476 600.


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