Murals and Sculpture Trail


Artist Bastian Allfrey has added to the skyline of Western NSW by painting the water towers in Warren and Nevertire NSW. The artwork depicted on the water towers can been seen from 360 degrees as they artwork encompasses the entire towers.


A trail of cockatoo sculptures feature along the Matthew Collins Memorial Walk through Oxley park and into Victoria Park, while a number of sports themed sculptures have been installed around the Victoria Park Precinct.

 Warren Shire Public Art Master October 2020 Version 2.pdf

Carter Oval Youth Sports Precinct including Warren War Memorial Swimming Pool 

Warren Shire Council has developed a Concept Plan for the development of Carter Oval Youth Sports Precinct including Warren War Memorial Swimming Pool. 

The aim is for Carter Oval Youth Sports Precinct including Warren War Memorial Swimming Pool to support the following activities:

  • Senior and Junior Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Athletics
  • Skate Park
  • Splash Park
  • Bike Training Park
  • Playground
  • Carparking

Key features include:

  • A precinct that seeks to cater for families and mixed-sporting use.
  • Consolidates Junior and Senior Cricket.
  • Additional buildings will be identified for amenities, storage and kiosk facilities.

View full details on the Carter Oval Youth Sports Precinct including Warren War Memorial Swimming Pool Masterplan here

View the Carter Oval Final Concept Masterplan

Victoria Park and Oxley Park upgrades

Warren Shire Council has developed a Draft Plan of Management for Victoria Park and Oxley Park. 

The Victoria Park and Oxley Park Draft Plan of Management is designed to deliver positive benefits to the Warren Shire community and create a premier sporting facility that will attract local, regional and higher-level events. In addition to the completed works, which includes shared paths with solar lighting and CCTV, new netball courts and additional storage, the Draft Plan of Management outlines proposed future works for ecological plantings and greenery, upgrades to the ovals including LED lighting and improved parking.


View the Approved Plan of Management here


View the proposed changes here


Nevertire Water Reservoir Upgrade

Upgrades to the Nevertire Reservoir are currently underway with refurbishment works taking place. Following these works, the reservoir will become the canvas for a mural to celebrate the area.

Macquarie Park Revitalisation

The Macquarie Park Revitalisation Project has improved the safety and appearance of Warren Shire's largest and most frequented park; Macquarie Park. The works included construction of pathways, installation of new playground equipment as well as landscaping and park furniture. The upgrades were jointly funded by the NSW Government's Regional Growth Fund - Stronger Country Communities Fund - Round One and Warren Shire Council.

Pathways and Cycleways Around Warren

This project will significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist conditions and connections. It will create a more connected and safe network through Warren to the Warren health, sporting and cultural precinct. This project is developed as a result of the findings of the 'Warren Health, Sporting and Cultural Precinct Connections Study 2016' and 'The Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan 2015'. The project was funded by the NSW Government's Regional Growth Fund - Stronger Country Communities Fund - Round One.

Village Enhancements for Warren, Nevertire and Collie

The project will implement the Village Enhancement Plans for Warren, Nevertire and Collie. The project is jointly funded by the NSW Government's Regional Growth Fund - Stronger Country Communities Fund - Round Two and Warren Shire Council.

The Village Enhancement Plans are a result of the community's request of Council through the IP&R process to ensure that the villages, footpaths, roads, parks and gardens and the overall appeal of the villages is maintained and enhanced.

The project across the villages seeks to focus on enhancement of town amenities, connectivity and accessibility. Project activities include:

  • Entrance/gateway design & signage
  • Navigation and tourist information signage/parking
  • Pedestrian/accessibility and bicycle path upgrades - Warren Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP)
  • Street tree master plan concept
  • Key recreation/park upgrades

1. Village Plan Warren Final May2018.pdf

2. Village Plan Nevertire Final May 2018.pdf

3. Village Plan Collie Final May 2018.pdf

Enhancing Western Plains Equestrian Centre

The Warren Showground Racecourse Complex is a regionally significant facility for Equestrian events. The facility has hosted a broad range of National, State, regional and local equestrian sporting events including Campdraft, Cross Country, Eventing, Hacking, Dressage, Horse Racing, Miniatures, Polocrosse, Pony Club, School Horse Sports, Show Jumping and Working Equitation. These horse events make a significant contribution to the regional economy.

The purpose of the project is to construct quality Equestrian sport infrastructure in order to hold more National, State and regional events. The project will result in improved participation across a broad range of sports. There will be significant economic, health and social outcomes for the region as a whole. The project is funded via the NSW Government's Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund.

The project proposes to include the following infrastructure:

  • Undercover riding arena
  • Cross country jumps/facility
  • Irrigation
  • Cattle yards
  • Wash down bay
  • Pavilion
  • Hospitality area: kitchenette, flooring, ceiling, air conditioning, toilet refurbishment, staircase, ramp.
  • Fencing
  • Toilet blocks
  • Signage
  • Canteen facilities
  • Landscaping

Enhance Arts and Cultural Hall at Nevertire

The revitalisation of the Nevertire Hall in Warren Shire will enable the historic hall to continue to serve the arts and cultural requirements of the community. The project is made possible by a grant from the NSW Government's Regional Cultural Fund and contribution by the Nevertire Hall Trust.

New Community Centre

To complete a new community centre that will allow a range of community gatherings, entertainment and social interaction as identified by Warren Shire Council. The building will house the accessible Council Chambers, but will be designed to allow a range of function options, from formal council meetings to committee style gatherings, to art or display use by the community.

Community Centre Project