Integrated Planning and Reporting

Local Councils in NSW are required to undertake their planning and reporting activities in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005.

A new planning and reporting framework for NSW Local Government has been introduced. These reforms replace the former Management Plan and Social Plan with an integrated framework. It also includes a new requirement to prepare a long-term Community Strategic Plan and Resourcing Strategy.

The flow chart from the Division of Local Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines illustrates the relationship between each element of the new framework:

This section contains Warren Shire Council's:

DRAFT Delivery Program 2022-23 to 2025-26 DRAFT Operational Plan & Estimates 2022-23 DRAFT Warren Shire Community Strategic Plan Warren Shire 2035 Community Engagement Strategy 2011 "Warren Shire 2022" Community Strategic Plan 2013/14 to 2016/14 Delivery Program 2013/14 Operational Plan 2013/14 to 2022/23 Long Term Financial Plan 2013/14 to 2016/17 Estimates 2013/14 Delivery Program - December 2013 Progress Report 2014/15 Operational Plan 2014/15 Financial Information, Estimates & Fees & Charges 2014/15 to 2023/24 Long Term Financial Plan 2014/15 Delivery Program - December 2014 Progress Report 2015/16 Operational Plan 2015/16 Financial Information, Estimates, Fees & Charges 2015/16 to 2024/25 Long Term Financial Plan 2015/16 Delivery Program - December 2015 Progress Report 2016/17 Operational Plan 2016/17 Financial Information, Estimates, Fees & Charges "Warren Shire 2027" Community Strategic Plan 2017/18 to 2020/21 Delivery Program 2017/18 Operational Plan 2017/18 Financial Information, Estimates, Fees & Charges 2017/18 to 2026/27 Long Term Financial Plan 2018/19 to 2027/28 Long Term Financial Plan 2018/19 Operational Plan 2018/19 Financial Information, Estimates, Fees & Charges 2019/20 Operational Plan & Estimates Nevertire Village Enhancement Plan Warren Village Enhancement Plan Collie Village Enhancement Plan 2020/21 Operational Plan & Estimates 2020/21 to 2029/30 Long Term Financial Plan Asset Management Plan - Roads Asset Management Plan - Recreation Asset Management Plan - Buildings Asset Management Plan - Stormwater Asset Management Plan - Water Supply Network Asset Management Plan - Sewerage Service Network Asset Management Plan - Other Assets 2021/22 Operational Plan & Estimates 2021/22 to 2030/31 Long Term Financial Plan

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