Your Rates

Council Rates

Councils provide many services that rates help to fund. Some examples are:

  • Maintenance of roads and parks and gardens
  • Libraries
  • Community services for senior citizens and youth
  • Town planning
  • Drainage
  • Waste depots & garbage collection
  • Animal services
  • Tourism
  • Swimming pools

Rates are the way our community contributes to funding these services and many others.

Rates and Water Charges are due on the following dates each year:

  • 31st August
  • 30th November
  • 28th February
  • 31st May

Ratepayers Information 2020


Fire and Emergency Services Levy

The NSW Government has advised the indefinite deferral of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy’s introduction. For further information please visit:

Fire and Emergency Services Levy 



Council recognises there are cases of genuine financial hardship requiring compassion and assistance in certain circumstances.

Any application for hardship must be made in writing. Please contact Council for further information.

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