Procurement, Contracts and Tenders

The objectives of Warren Shire Council are to:

  • obtain value for money when evaluating, selecting and disposing of goods and services that are paid for with public funds; 
  • ensure essential accounting and control procedures are followed for the process of requisition, ordering, receipt, issue, return and disposal of all goods and services; 
  • provide a set of basic Procurement and Disposal Guidelines for the purchase and disposal of goods and services including a Local Preference provisions;
  • promote purchasing practices which protect the health and safety of Council officers and contractors;
  • ensure goods purchased by Council meet relevant safety standards; 
  • ensure that all parties involved in the procurement process at Warren Shire Council comply with relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards;
  • promote purchasing practices which conserve resources, save energy, minimise waste, protect human health and maintain environmental quality and safety; and 
  • behave with impartiality, fairness, independence, openness, integrity and professionalism. 

 Procurement and Disposal Policy - Sept 2021.pdf

Methods of Procurement Activities

Council officers will identify the appropriate method for the procurement of goods and services required. 

This will involve using at least one of the below platforms: 

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Request for Tender (RFT)
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI)
  • Standing Order Arrangement
  • Preferred Supplier Arrangements
  • Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers
  • Government and Regional Procurement Contract Pricing Arrangement

VendorPanel Marketplace - Engaging our Local Suppliers

Warren Shire Council introduced a new e-Procurement process in May 2020, it is designed to simplify the quotation process, increase transparency and compliance in a quote-based purchasing process.

Vendorpanel Marketplace will be used by Council employees when there is no preferred or pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the planned expenditure is below $250,000 (inclusive of GST). 

At the heart of this solution, Warren Shire Council is trying to make it easier to engage with local suppliers and the open market, giving better access to Council opportunities and increase governance and transparency in our quotation process.

This new e-Procurement system is an opportunity for businesses in the open market to have their goods and services seen by Council; 

VendorPanel Marketplace is:

  • Free to register.
  • It’s easy to set up – just add your business details and relevant compliance documents if required.
  • It provides you with a consistent Request for Quotation format and process for each of your dealings with council.
  • It gives Council an easy way to send out requests for quotation, increasing the chances of you hearing about opportunities.
  • Your business will be positively impacted by the change with free access to the platform and mobile app.
  • You can monitor the status of quotes you have provided to Council and better manage the quotes you have responded to. 

Register Here for VendorPanel

Suppliers can register by visiting the VendorPanel Marketplace website and following the simple 5 step process.
For more information on the VendorPanel Marketplace system, please contact the VendorPanel support team on (03) 9095 6181.

Advertisement of Tender opportunities

When the planned expenditure is greater than $250,000 (inclusive of GST), Council must invite public tenders, where no exception under the Local Government Act or Regulations in force at the time.

NSW Local Government Tendering Guidelines (October 2009).pdf 

Fraud Prevention

Fraud  can  be  defined  as  “dishonestly  obtaining  a  benefit  by  deception  or  other  means”  Warren Shire Council is responsible for administering significant levels of revenue, expenditure and property. These activities involve contact with a broad range of commercial partners, suppliers and the community. Fraud and corruption can have a significant impact on Council’s service delivery, reputation, finances and programs. Council has a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. The consequences of fraud have been determined within Council’s  Enterprise  Risk  Management Framework as an unacceptable risk to Council. Council has developed a comprehensive  Fraud and Corruption Policy and a  Fraud and Corruption Control Plan covering all potential aspects.

Fraud and Corruption Policy May 2018.pdf

Fraud and Corruption Control Plan October 2017 with new Sept 2018 Policy in appendix 1.pdf

Statement of Business Ethics.pdf

All  Councillors,  employees, commercial partners and suppliers have a responsibility to report suspected fraud and corruption. Any person with concerns is strongly encouraged to raise the matter immediately notifying the General Manager on 02 6847 6600. All reports are kept strictly confidential.