From the Mayor's Desk - 4 March 2019

03 March 2019

From the Mayor's Desk - 4 March 2019 - Post Image

This week I would like to report on discussions held at the Western Councils Conference at Bourke last week and recognise the difficulties that our neighbours are having with water. NSW Water Minister Niall Blair provided advice to the conference that water management needs reviewing, and that State and Federal Governments recognise the issues around water management. It was indicated that in our area, changes will be made to weirs and that a potential upgrade to the Gin Gin Weir to give it regulator capacity may occur. Unfortunately, the Minister could not make it rain and the progressive drop in water levels at Burrendong Dam will impact on the residents of Warren township as well as our adjoining councils of Bogan and Cobar who rely on water from the Albert Priest Channel.

In line with this, Council at its meeting on Thursday 28th February considered the need to start moving to Level 3 water restrictions. This is for two reasons, one, being prudent in conserving water in the event that the dry continues and two to respect the difficulties that our neighbouring councils are having with a lack of water.Council has agreed that Level 3 Water Restrictions will apply across Warren, Nevertire and Collie from Tuesday 19th March 2019. Council will review water use and river water availability through an advisory committee also established on 28th February which will provide information to Council as to the necessity of future water restrictions if the upper catchment and dam does not receive substantial inflows. Modelling back to the 1902 drought shows inflows, should Burrendong have existed then, to be at historic lows by a considerable margin.

Council much prefers to be proactive rather than reactive in the present water environment. Decisions taken now will hopefully hold us in much better stead than having to make decisions under pressure in the future if the dry continues.

I would like to seek all resident’s assistance in complying with Level 3 Water Restrictions. More details can be found through a letter box drop, in this paper and on our website.

On a brighter note, I would like to congratulate Mr David (Diddles) George on his recent retirement from Council. David has work with us for 39 years. It was with pleasure that David and his wife Debbie attended Council so we could thank him for his long service and the work he has undertaken to make Warren Shire a better place. I would like to wish David all the best in his retirement.

Milton Quigley 

4th March 2019


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