From the Mayor's Desk - 15 February 2019

20 February 2019

From the Mayor's Desk - 15 February 2019 - Post Image

Over the last couple of months Council has seen an increase in the number of comments on social media that have raised concerns about Council not undertaking works to fix problems for residents. Council is always looking to improve its service provision. The main and first thing is that Council needs to be made aware of any problem. This week I would like to use this column to discuss how you as a resident can help Councillors and staff to provide an improved service.

As you would understand, Council staff can not be everywhere. Although our overseers try and drive every road regularly and attend the parks to look for areas of improvement, we do need your help to identify pot holes, overgrown weeds or general items that need maintenance.

To help us and to help the community with problems, Council has always had a reporting system that we call a Bluey (blue paper) that allows any member of the community to ring, email or drop into the office and report an item they believe needs attention. The system works well when used by the public and the issues are monitored by Councillors and staff to ensure works are undertaken in a timely fashion. Council does not monitor Facebook or Twitter accounts.Council only becomes aware of Issues being raised on social media via staff seeing various comments. Once we know of these issues the staff fill out a bluey and have work undertaken. I believe it is always best to contact Council direct to raise any concerns you have.In that way you will get the correct information immediately.You will also get an indication of when work is likely to be undertaken.

Milton Quigley 


15th February 2019


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