From the Mayor's Desk - 27 July 2020

28 July 2020

There are four issues that I need to update you on this week.

Council has chosen not to take up a contract with Transport for NSW as the lead contractor for construction and maintenance of the Oxley Highway between Collie and Nevertire. The recently changed nature of the contract means that Council would expose itself to significant financial risk if it were to sign the contract as lead contractor. Council will, however, act as a subcontractor, on a needs basis to Gilgandra Shire Council who have assumed all risk for this section of the Highway. 

As an aside, many will be aware of signs indicating work needing to be done on the Ewenmar Bridge north of town. This is of course part of the Oxley Highway and is not under the control of Council. The necessary repairs will be undertaken by the Transport for NSW bridge crew.

The second issue is an important road safety message to those using the Carinda Road / Industrial Access Road intersection. At present vehicles travelling along Dubbo Street and the Carinda Road have right of way at this intersection, with those on the Industrial Access Road having to give way at “Give Way” signs. This will be reversed so that heavy vehicles will have right of way and the “Give Way” signs are on the Carinda Road / Dubbo Street sides of the intersection. This is being done in the interests of improved road safety. An extensive advertising campaign will take place prior to the signage being reversed.

Thirdly, Council and its Town Improvement Committee are both aware of the less than ideal condition of the road surface in the CBD section of Dubbo Street. Upgrade works will be undertaken as funds become available.

Finally, our General Manager, Glenn Wilcox indicated at our July Council meeting that he will complete his contract with Warren Shire Council on 30th October. The recruitment process for a new General Manager has begun.

Milton Quigley

27th July 2020

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