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26 July 2021

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The NSW Government has announced a new date for the Local Government Elections which were scheduled for 4th September of this year in response to the changing Covid-19 situation. The new date for Local Government Elections is Saturday 4th December 2021.                    

The decision was made by the NSW Government after extensive consultation with and on advice from the NSW Electoral Commission and NSW Health.


What this means for Warren Shire Council in particular is that;                      

  • Council will not be required to hold by-elections to fill vacancies or to apply to the Minister to dispense with the requirement to hold a by-election before Ordinary Council Elections are held on 4th December 2021
  • The Mayor, and Deputy Mayor, elected in September 2020 will continue to hold office until Council Elections are held on 4th December 2021
  • The composition of Joint Organisation Boards may need to change in September 2021 if Mayors of member Councils elected by Councillors are not re-elected.
The postponement of the next Ordinary Local Government Elections will not affect the timing of future Council Elections, and the subsequent Ordinary Local Government Elections for Warren Shire Council which will still proceed in September 2024.                            

  • Clr Milton Quigley              
  • Mayor

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