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Environmental Health Plan 2012-2017

Council has certain statutory obligations in relation to environmental health in the Warren Local Government Area.

The Local Government Act 1993 confers on to Council service and non-regulatory functions including the provision, management or operation of public health services and facilities; waste removal, treatment and disposal services and facilities; pest eradication and control services and facilities; and environment conservation, protection and improvment services and facilities.

The Public Health Act 1991 empowers authorised environmental health officers (EHOs) to inspect premises and enforce the act.  Local government's contribution to the reduction in the spread of disease and maintenance of a safe and healthy population results from both implementation of its legislative responsibilities and provision of other health services as it sees as appropriate to its community.

In order to perform these obligations in a consistent and considered manner an Environmental Health Plan has been developed.  The purpose of the plan is to provide a structured basis to the management of the various environmental health functions of Warren Shire Council.  It details activities to be carried out over a set period of time to achieve desired outcomes that can be measured and evaluated for effectiveness.

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