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Water Rates

Water Charging Regime

Local Water Utilities across Australia are required to introduce "Best Practice Water Pricing" to meet objectives of the Council of Australian Government (COAG).

As a result the State Government's Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS) now requires Council to comply with Best Practice Water Pricing.  Compliance is a prerequisite to access funding from the Country Towns Water Supply and Sewerage Program.

The purpose of Best Practice Pricing is:
•    to encourage the effective and efficient delivery of water supply; and
•    to promote sustainable water conservation practices and water demand management.

What is Best Practice Pricing?

In its simplest terms: user pays

How will user pay pricing work?

Water users will pay an annual fixed availability charge.

This will cover costs to Council of constructing and maintaining water mains and reservoirs for the water supply system.  A user charge will be levied for every kilolitre of water used.  This will cover costs to Council of purchasing the water from State Water, pumping the water and chlorination.

User pays pricing in Warren Shire has been designed to be revenue neutral in the first year.

Water charging from 1st July 2005 will have an availability charge (levied on rate notice) and a quarterly account sent for each kL used as per the tables below under "What are the new water charges?".

What are the new water charges?

The 2011/2012 Water Charges are as follows:

Warren Water Supply

Availability charge          $300/year - (levied on rate notice)

Warren Bore Water

Usage Charges (Account each quarter)

  • First Step up to 450kL                   $0.91/kL

  • Second Step (over 450kL)             $1.37/kL

Warren River Water

Usage Charges (Account each quarter)

  • First Step up to 450kL                   $0.34/kL

  • Secong Step (over 450kL)             $0.58/kL

Nevertire Bore Water

Availability Charge          $415/year - (levied on rate notice)

Usage Charges (Account each quarter)

  • First Step up to 450kL                    $0.51/kL

  • Second Step (over 450kL)              $0.76/kL

Collie Bore Water

Availability Charge           $305/year - (levied on rate notice)

Usage Charges (Account each quarter)
•    First Step up to 400kL                $1.12/kL  
•    Second Step (over 400kL)              $1.71/kL

How can I minimise my water bill?

The following are just a few ways is which you can minimise your water bill:
•    turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
•    washing machine: run full loads
•    taps: fix leaking taps
•    shower: keep it short
•    garden: water your lawn in the early morning or late evening when evaporation rates are lowest
•    dishwasher: run it full

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