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Go4Fun® coming soon to Warren

What is Go4Fun®?

Go4Fun® is a FREE healthy lifestyle program for kids to become fitter, healthier and happier. The program is fun and interactive and supports 7-13 year old children and their families to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a long lasting and healthy approach to living.

Go4Fun® is based on the United Kingdom’s Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it! (MEND) program, and has been fully adapted to meet all current Australian guidelines and the NHMRC recommendations for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Children. Thanks to funding provided by the NSW Ministry of Health, Go4Fun® is currently being delivered across Western and Far West NSW.

What is MEND?

The MEND 7-13 Program was designed in 2001 by leading health experts in the field of childhood obesity management.MEND 7-13 is a multi-disciplinary program that supports 7-13 year old children and their families to:

• Adopt healthy attitudes to food and eating (Mind);                                                                                                                    • Be motivated to exercise on a regular basis (Exercise);
• Be empowered to make informed food choices (Nutrition);
• Know how to Do it in a fun, easy and sustainable way!

Go4Fun®, based on MEND 7-13, combines all the elements known to be vital in treating and preventing overweight or obesity in children, including family involvement, practical education in nutrition and diet, increasing physical activity and behavioural change. With an emphasis on practical, fun learning, the program is designed to deliver sustained improvements in families’ diets, fitness levels and overall health. MEND is about empowerment: providing the child with a range of ways to make positive life changes that relate to physical activity, food, self confidence and personal development. By following the MEND principles, participants will lose weight naturally and thereby build a foundation for healthy living – for life.

For more information about the MEND program please visit www.go4fun.com.au.or contact the MEND Australia office on 03 9889 4486.

Why do Go4Fun®?

Go4Fun® aims to address childhood overweight and obesity by assisting parents and children to develop a long lasting and healthy approach to living. This will be achieved through implementation of strategies that aim to:

• Modify family lifestyles and improve parenting skills around healthy eating, physical activity and sedentary small screen behaviours
• Promote healthy weight and weight management through sustainable behaviour change
• Encourage, inform and improve children’s food choices and eating behaviours
• Encourage, inform and improve children’s physical activity skills and behaviours
• Increase children’s sense of well being, confidence and self esteem

What does Go4Fun®involve?

Go4Fun® runs over a 10 week school term, with 1 or 2 x 2 hour sessions per week (10 & 20 sessions). Parents/carers attend each session with their children to encourage a whole family approach. Sessions are mostly run after school and include:

• Weekly games and activities for kids.
• Fun, interactive discussions to teach easy and effective ways to improve children’s nutrition, physical activity and self-esteem.
• Practical demonstrations, games and tips about healthy foods, label reading and portion sizes.
• The chance to try delicious and healthy new foods!

Who can participate?

The program has been specifically designed for children aged 7-13 years who are above a healthy weight, and their parents/carers.

Children are eligible for the program if they are:
• aged 7-13 years;
• overweight or obese (BMI > 85th percentile);
• who are otherwise well (with no co-morbidities); and
• have a parent/carer able to attend all Go4Fun® sessions with them.

Registrations and Referrals

Parents/carers can register their child by calling 1800 780 900 or online at www.go4fun.com.au Families registering themselves will assist in encouraging personal responsibility, heightened motivation and display a commitment to the program. Go4Fun

If you would like to specifically refer a child aged 7-13 years to Go4Fun® who is above their healthy weight range, you can fill out a Referral Form with the family and fax it back to the Go4Fun® Team. We will then contact the family and inform them of programs that are scheduled to run in their local area.

How can I find out more?

For more information or for promotional material please contact Go4Fun Coordinator, Jennifer Hunt, Western NSW & Far West Local Health Districts on 0427 422 092 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.