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Warren Pre-School Kindergarten Inc.

Pre-School to a child is a world full of exciting experiences.  Here, your child will develop and grow, make new friends and meet new people.  We want your child to enjoy their time at Warren Pre-School.  The Pre-School is licensed by the Department of Community Services.  It is a one unit pre-school licensed to have 25 children on the premises at any one time. 

Our Vision

For the children of Warren and District to access a high quality Early Childhood program where they can grow and develop into confident, competent individuals with a strong sense of self.

Mission Statement

Pre-School  is  committed  to  providing  a  child-centered  approach  that; reflects  the children's lives enabling  them to explore and investigate their questions,  curiosities and concerns, express their  thoughts, ideas and experiences promotes constructive, life enhancing relationships and honors diversity. We will continue to embrace new and innovative ideas in early childhood care and education always recognising first and foremost the child's right to be a child.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is aimed at supporting your child's well being and learning, and providing experiences so that we may support your child's holistic development within the context of their culture and their community.  At Pre-School we aim to create possibilities and opportunities for your child to develop their interests and their strengths, and for them to engage in meaningful relationships. 

Curriculum areas such as art, music, blocks, jigsaws, manipulative, literature, drama and movement are provided for a daily basis.  These are not always seen as separate activities but are often integrated throughout the day.  Central to our curriculum is our belieft of the value of play.  At Pre-School we recognize play as being the most valuable context in which children learn cognitively, socially and emotionally.  Rich play experiences during the pre-school years can lay a strong foundation for the years ahead including adding enormous benefits to academic skills such as reading, writing, maths, science and the arts.  At also allows children practice in developing important relationships, communication skills, to think for themselves, to gain confidence, to develop curiosity, confidence and self control and to exchange ideas.  Play also involves diversity and choice, helps children see more than one perspective and acknowledge that there can be more than one right way.  It is also important becasue it is self-motivated and inner-directed which is important to the children's learning throughout life and it also helps them become confident in themselves as learners. There are times where  children learn from instruction and scaffolding. These times usually occur during the development of projects involving the children's interests and life experiences. Intentional teaching also holds a place within our curriculum.

Hours of Operation

The Pre-School is open between the hours of 8.15 and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Full day sessions run for children between 9 and 3 five days per week. Teachers have preparation time between 8.15 and 9am each morning.

Contact Details

Christine Crisp
Phone: 02 6847 4826
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.