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Identification and Registration of Animals

The Companion Animals Act 1998 requires that ALL dogs and cats MUST be identified (microchipped) and registered once they are a certain age.  There is an exemption from this for working dogs normally kept on land rated as farmland.  A working dos is only a dog used primarily for the purpose of droving, tending, working or protecting stock, and includes dogs being trained as a working dog.  A guard dog or hunting dog is not a working dog.

All cats and dogs must be identified from the time the animals is 12 weeks old and before sale if it is less than 12 weeks old.  Sale includes any form of transfer including a gift.  All cats and dogs must be registered from the time the animal is six (6) months old.  The owner of the animal is guilty of an offence if it is not registered.

Anyone who has an identified or registered cat or dog who changes their address MUST inform Council of the change of address with 14 days of the change.

If a dog is found wandering and not registered, the animal will be impounded and will not be released unless it has been registered and the impounding fees paid.  Unregistered dogs will be kept for up to 14 days if identified and 7 days if not, before being sold or euthanized.

How do I register my dog/cat under the NSW Companion Animals Act?

First your animal must be microchipped.  This can be done at your local vet.  Your vet will bring us your 'yellow' identification papers.  If you then wish to register your animal please come into Council's Administration Office (115 Dubbo Street, Warren) and fill in the Lifetime Registration form and pay the correct fees.  Council keeps the yellow sheet to enter your animal on the Companion Animals Register Database.  You keep the pink copy for your personal records.

If your animal is desexed you will need to bring in a copy of the papers stating so.

Lifetime registration is compulsory for all cats and dogs, that are bought, sold, given/received as gifts or that have transferred ownership on or after 1st July 1999.