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Media Release - 22nd January 2018

River Water Supplies Drop due to Water Pump Failure

Warren residents have seen a severe drop in the volume of river water over the last couple of weeks as the very hot weather hit the region.  For many months Council has been struggling to get its river pumps back into use and has been reliant on hired pumps to top up the Ravenswood reservoir.

On Saturday 20th January, the hired pump seized up due to mechanical failure and the reservoir reduced to half full.

The Mayor Rex Wilson advised “Council has had its water staff working on this issue for the last month and due to the increasing hot weather has been struggling to keep the reservoir topped up”.  The pump failure on Saturday has not helped and replacement pumps have been sought from the hire company the Mayor advised.

Council is seeking community support to reduce daytime watering of lawns and gardens to allow the water in the reservoir to recover.  Night time watering will reduce plant stress and allow the water to soak into the ground and assist plants during the daytime high temperatures.  Mayor Wilson advised that the Warren community’s support to keep the town and surrounds green is greatly appreciated, however at this time we need the community’s support to water through the night until Council can pump more river water to the storages.

For more information on this media release please contact Council’s main office on 6847 6600.